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Pushing a new worksheet in to the existing workbook by another user with write permissions (using spy.push)


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"Test_Workbook" - created by "UserA" and added "UserB" with all permissions. If "UserB" tries to spy.push(data,metadata,workbook='Test_Workbook', worksheet='test'), it creates a new workbook "Test_Workbook" and the owner is "UserB". Is there a way that "UserB" can push a new worksheet in the existing workbook "Test_Workbook" created by "UserA"?

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Sivaji,

You can supply the workbook ID instead of the workbook name in the spy.push() command. The pushed items will be scoped to the supplied workbook ID and no new workbook will be created. For example:

spy.push(data,metadata,workbook='workbook ID of Test_Workbook', worksheet='test')

I have also replied to your SUP ticket about this same question. 


Kin How

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