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How to stop Scorecards from displaying unconfirmed results

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Hi all, 

Wondering if there is a function to not display results that are not yet confirmed/available. At the moment my scorecard displays yesterday's result for today, even though today's result isn't available yet:


So basically trying to make the 09th July just show a "-" until a result is available.


Hope this makes sense!

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There are a couple options you can take for this.  The first is to completely exclude the incomplete day and the second is to exclude the data in the signal until the day is complete. 


Exclude the Incomplete Day

This is relatively easy with the past() function in formula. This function is relatively new so older versions of Seeq may not have it.  On your condition that you are aggregating over you can remove all capsules past now and any incomplete ones with the following formula.  (Example using daily condition)



Metric created with a normal daily condition:


Metric created with the clipped daily condition:



Exclude the Data in the Signal Until the Day is Complete

This requires you to make the same clipped condition above and then apply it directly to the signal to limit the data in the signal until the last complete day.



Results with the Clipped Signal and the Normal Signal:


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In your case you might be able to set the max interpolation to 1 second on your input signal. If that does not work, you can use a certain signal, such as Area A Temperature to create, a similar result to the past() operator.  To create a similar condition to the past() condition you can use the following formula.


Once you have that you can use it the same way the past() function was used above.


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