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Clearing an item's cache with Seeq Data Lab


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Recently we have gotten several requests to clear an item's cache in Seeq with Seeq Data Lab (SDL).  

The following python script creates a function that will clear an items cache when an item's ID is given as an input. Note: this script assumes you are using SDL.

# imports
from seeq import sdk

# Setup Items API
items_api = sdk.ItemsApi(spy._login.client)

# Cache clearing function
def ItemCacheClearingTool(itemID):
        clearCache = items_api.clear_cache(id=itemID)
        print('Error clearing cache for item ' + itemID)

Screenshot of the Jupyter Notebook used to create the function:



This function can be used in for loops or applied to columns in a dataframe to clear multiple items' caches at a time.  

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