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Wind Speeds reported in NOAA Connector

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DFW Airport right now has 8 mph winds, per the National Weather Service website. 

NOAA connector in Seeq is reporting 14 m/s winds, which is 30 mph.  That is not the case.  I live right by DFW Airport and confirm it is not a storm.

Doing a deeper analysis, the wind speed reported by NOAA connector is always 3.6x faster than wind speed reported elsewhere.  Are the units for wind speed wrong?  Did someone put m/s when it should be km/h?  (0.001 m/km * 3600 s/h = 3.6)




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We had some developers look at the API calls and it looks like you get a different unit depending on the endpoint you use. We are logging a bug for this. In the mean time you can overwrite the units in Seeq using the setUnits() function in formula.

Thanks for reporting this.



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