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Searching for a list of items

Sean T

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A question that comes up from time to time is how to search for a list of signals or other data items in Seeq. Typically we get a request for an ability to search based on a comma separated list. 
While we do not currently (as of R55) support a comma separated list, you can get around this using Regex searching simply by replacing the comma with a vertical bar "|" and encapsulate the search in forward slashes as below:

Compressor Power,Temperature,Relative Humidity


/Compressor Power|Temperature|Relative Humidity/


In this search, the forward slashes tell Seeq that this is a Regex search, and the | is an "or" in regex. I.e. it will search for something exactly containing "Compressor Power" or something exactly containing "Temperature" etc. which in effect gives you the ability to search for a list! For very long lists, do a find and replace in a word editor to build the new search. 

The ability to search for a list will soon become quite handy with the "add all" feature slated to come with R56 which should be coming soon!

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