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Handling QA Readings -- multiple measurements with the same timestamp.

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In our QA process, we take product samples and make measurements for critical process parameters. For the data this produces, all measurement readings for a single QA sample have a single timestamp.

Since this seems like it may be pretty common across manufacturers, I am wondering options for bringing this into Seeq without losing the granularity of the raw data. 

When we import the raw values, it seems like Seeq is automatically averaging all of the points.  

We can aggregate the samples in the backend database by doing statistical aggregations in the back-end SQL, but then we also lose the granularity of the raw sample readings.

I would gladly appreciate any thought or suggestions on the best way to handle this.


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  • Seeq Team

Hi John,

If i am understanding correctly- you have data with one signal having multiple values at the same timestamp. Seeq does not support multiple values existing at the same time stamp for signal based data- it will only take one of the values and display that.
To get this kind of data to be workable we have 3 options:

  • You can adjust the timestamps of the other datapoints by some small amount so you can see all samples in the same signal, just slightly offset in time
  • You can bring each measured value in as its own signal i.e. product qulaity x measurement 1, quality x measurement 2, etc
  • You can bring this data in as an event (condition) with properties- You can have one capsule per product sample and that capsule can have properties that contain each measurement value as well as any other information about the measurement you might be interested in.

Reach out to seeq support support@seeq.com if you want help exploring some of these options further


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