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Intermittently getting an "Error getting data" error

Thomas Brien

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I've created two Signals from Conditions, showing the number of capsules and the time of each capsule. I wish to display the average time of each capsule on a daily basis. I have repeated this exact thing in a previous sheet (on the same workbook) but on this sheet I am getting the error below. 

I have obtained the average capsule time simply by using the divide() function. The capsules have been restricted to those less than 10 seconds, so presumably the signals should be also.

Does anyone have a fix?




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  • Seeq Team

Hi thomas, 

This error can have a variety of causes- some of which are fixed by upgrading your server. 
Can you submit a support request with the logs to support@seeq.com so we can determine how to best resolve your issue?


Sean Tropsa

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