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How to modify signal (tag) name in formula using SDL

P Patel

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I have worksheets with formula which refer to old tags in all formula calculations. All our tags have been changed to new server and the tag names have changed. All tags are now preceded with site specific three letters. Rather than individually changing all tags in each formula for all worksheets, is there an SDL program that can modify the tag names i.e. add three letters to the tags.

Thank you.

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Modifying the names through SDL unfortunately will not solve your problem. Seeq keeps track of items through their item ID. It is possible to fix calculations by remapping item IDs which can be done with SDL. However, I believe it is more common to swap the items out with the command line interface of Seeq.  

I would recommend reaching out to your Seeq contact or opening a Support ticket with Seeq so they can help suggest which path is right for your situation.

support portal: https://seeq.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/3


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