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How to create spider chart in seeq dashboard

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The radar/spider/polar plot is not a native Seeq visualization. That said, you could use one of the many python libraries (matplotlib, Seaborn, plotly)out there that supports this type of plot to create the visual in Seeq Data Lab(SDL). The visual you create in SDL can be pushed to an Organizer Topic as an image. This workflow can also be automated to push an updated plot as needed. 

Simple example:

#save plot as png once created

#Use spy workbooks to find your topic/sheet
topic = spy.workbooks.Topic({'Name': "Charts Testing Push"})
page = topic.document('Visualizations Using Data Lab')

#add image to topic
page.document.add_image(filename='chart.png', placement='end')

#push topic iwth new image

Here is a post on replacing images using a more advanced method with html: 

To automate the workflow you can schedule the notebook that creates and pushes the plot to organizer using spy.jobs.

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