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Get() Regression function does not work in formulas on existing regression model

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If you use a formula to create a regression model, such as:

    $signal1, $signal2)

you cannot access model statistics and coefficients, like these:


Therefore, to get this data you need to use the Get() function.  However, it does not work on an existing model.  It only seems to work if the model is created in the same formula as the Get() function

Is there any work around?  I was hoping DataLab might help, but if I search the prediction tag for all properties I get 23 columns, none of which are coefficients.


seeq_get_2023-05-20 at 11.35.32 PM.jpg

seeq_get_2023-05-20 at 11.40.59 PM.jpg

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The only workaround I can think of is to return them with the output item.  Here is a link to a post that returns the properties as part of condition. A similar thing could be done for a one time prediction by constructing a string scalar as the output and using it to build the model. Then you would only need to refer to the string scaler to get all your properties.


Hope this helps.

Also I will check if there are any feature requests for this and add you to them. 


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