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Error After Duplication: "The below items were not duplicated due to errors"

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Hello Everyone,

I was Working on KPIs. In order for my Team to do the Seeq Export by their own I duplicated the Worksheet. This way they can change what they need without interfering with my work. Doing so, Seeq add a Page called "Error Report". 
In the Journal this Error Message appears:


The below items were not duplicated due to errors

Placeholder IDs have replaced the broken items in this analysis.

If these items are necessary for this analysis, please recreate them as needed or correct the items in the original analysis and attempt to duplicate again.


+ a List of Assets it could not duplicate ( due to Company Information I cannot share this here )


On every page the AggregationFunction is missing the Asset. 

$series.aggregate(totalDuration("min"), $capsules, durationKey()).toStep()


But even though the Asset is empty in the "Assets"-Colum it seems it does not interfere with the calculation. The Export to excel can be made as normal and the values from this calculation seem to be aswell uneffected.



Thanks in advance!

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Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong since I haven’t followed the asset group development that closely.  

With that disclaimer out of the way.  I believe what is happening is we are able to duplicate the calculations. However, duplicating the asset tree is tricky so parts of it may not be duplicating correctly giving you the error messages.  If the calculation was able to be duplicated then it could still generate the signal (aggregation in your case) correctly but it probably is unable to put it in the tree.  

I believe there has been some more work done to allow for asset group duplication. There is still probably more to come as well.

If you want more details, I recommend opening a support ticket with Seeq so that someone can take a closer look. (https://seeq.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/3)


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