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Searching for Multiple distinct items in Seeq (using Regex)

Sean T

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The Question "Can i supply a list of items to search for in Seeq" occasionally pops up. Usually this is in the context of a CSV list or similar. While seeq does not support searching for a CSV list, you can use Regex to find a list of items in Seeq!

To do this, all of your distinct items need to be separated by the Regex "or" operator: |

for example, if i am looking for the following list of assets in the example dataset: Areas A, C G, H and I, rather than manually clicking on each of these items i can supply a search that looks like this:

/Area A|Area C|Area G|Area H|Area I/

In this search, the "/ .... /" forward slashes indicate a regex search, and i can supply my list with each item separated by the vertical slash "|"

An example:

I want to build an asset group with 30+ assets. I have a list of all of these assets and dont want to click on each individual asset to add it to the asset group, there is no great way of identifying these assets other than the list i have. When building my asset group, i can add all the signals i am interested in for my first asset, in this case i want the signals "Optimizer, Temperature"



then, using the search bar, i can pass in my regex list search that i have shown above to add all assets i am interested in at the same time! I will use the "select all" option in the search to add them all at one. NOTE: You need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list. The search in Seeq will not immediately load every result that matches the search, so scroll down until you hit the end of the list before selecting all items!

my search:

/Area A|Area C|Area G|Area H|Area I/


The easiest way to generate a list separted by the | operator is to do a find and replace in your favorite text editor: find the character separating your list currently and replace it with the | operator.


This post was executed in Seeq version R63. Functionality should be accurate for seeq versions R56-63+

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