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What is the sample rate limit for data in Seeq?

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We have some hi-frequency data collected in Influx DB. It's usually sampled at 1000Hz, occasionally up to 5000Hz or as low as 120Hz.

1. What is highest frequency data that Seeq can ingest?

2. Can Seeq workbooks display a grid at a higher resolution than 1 second? I.e. if I wanted to plot 100 seconds with every sampled point (100,000 points = 100 seconds x 1000Hz), would the Seeq workbook be able to do that?


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Seeq can handle data down to the one nanosecond level which is 1,000,000,000 HZ I believe. 

As far as the grid resolution you might be a little limited there but it does go down to 0.001 seconds.  See screenshot below.image.png

As for the plotting, the number of pixels the display has will likely limit the samples displayed. Seeq has a builtin algorithm to display the samples that best represent your data's profile during the range displayed. 

I would caution you to reduce your display range to a reasonable amount before putting a hi-frequency signal on the screen. Seeq will need to query the data from the historian so it maybe a decent load on your database.




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