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Formula Error

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"The supplied ID is malformed. Illegal character 'T' at position 0"

This error keeps on popping up whenever I am trying to create the following formula in the "add calculated item" column for asset trees.

$tag.aggregate(stdDev(), months("US/Central"), durationKey())< -0.04 or $tag.aggregate(stdDev(), months("US/Central"), durationKey())>0.06

I am using the same exact code before (with different number) and it works fine, but when I copy and paste it to somewhere else, I receive this error. Please advise. 

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I recommend saving your asset group and closing out of it then reopening it.  There could be something that isn't fully saved yet that you are asking for.

Another thing to try is to open the formula in a worksheet and try changing it there.

Hope this helps.

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