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Breaking link between duplicated worksheets

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You can try this worksheet cloner add on tool. Your Seeq admin will need to help you install using the add-on tool manager.

This is not a supported add-on meaning this is a solution or workaround created to address a specific issue raised by Seeq user and currently not a standard out of the box feature in Seeq. Seeq does not automatically test the functionality of the add-on on new versions and don't have a commitment to fix the add-on if it breaks with an upgrade.

Please take note the worksheet cloner does not remap journal links so journal links should be removed prior to cloning or right after to avoid confusion. The worksheet cloner does not work with asset groups or csv uploads so workbooks with asset groups or csv uploads should be avoided.

Here's the KB article on add-ons: https://support.seeq.com/kb/latest/cloud/add-on-development


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Hey Tyler, for more detail on what duplicating does, refer to this Seeq.org post linked below. Duplicating a worksheet always creates a copy of an existing item rather than a new independent item. The option to duplicate and make new independent items is in development and should be integrated into the product in the next couple of releases.

Working with the same item on a Duplicated Worksheet

When duplicating worksheets, remember that everything within a single Workbench Analysis, no matter what worksheet it is on, is "scoped" to the entire analysis. Duplicating a worksheet simply copies the worksheet but doesn't create new/independent items. A change to an item on one sheet modifies it everywhere it appears (on all other worksheets).

For some use cases, duplicating a worksheet is a quick way to expand the calculations further or to create alternate visualizations, and the user wants to continues working with the original items. In other situations, worksheet duplication may be a first step in creating new versions of existing items. 

To avoid modifying an original item on a duplicated worksheet, from the Item Properties (Detail Pane "i" symbol) for the calculated signal/condition of interest, click to DUPLICATE the item. You can edit the duplicated version without affecting the original.



Duplicating worksheets is often useful when you are doing multiple calculation steps on different worksheets, when you want trends on one worksheet and tables or other visualizations on another, when doing asset swapping and creating a worksheet for each unique asset, etc.


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