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Ignoring In-progress capsules

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Hi Tyler,
I needed some clarification on your request. If the capsule is in progress, do you prefer that it doesn't show up at all or that it shows up as a normal capsule. The issue you are dealing with is called uncertainty. Uncertain data can’t be cached, so these regions of uncertainty require the computation to be repeated, showing that open bar.  There are various causes of uncertainty in a condition or signal. Are you able to share the formula for the blowdown event condition?

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So below is a screenshot of my dashboard and the formula behind it. The thought process is to identify a blowdown event when both the "Standby Pressurized Mode" and "Not Operating Depressurized Mode" occur sequentially. So I used a composite condition to join the two and is inclusive of both A & B. It works really well, but when I create a dashboard of the graph that updates to current time, it always places a empty capsule at the end if the unit is in Standby pressurized mode. I just wanted to get rid of that an only show the blowdown event when both conditions are satisfied. This way it doesn't mess up my blowdown count and subsequent data capture of the blowdown event. 





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Thanks Tyler,
Can you check one more thing.  I think you mentioned it above, that the time range for the organizer topic and workbench are different.  I am assuming you will see that phantom capsule when you update your current workbench to near now (currently its at the end of March).

The way to get rid of this uncertain condition is you can take your current condition ($condition) and apply the inside(past()) function to it. This should remove that last uncertain capsule. 




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