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Cannot make imported CSV globally scope

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Hi - I've manually uploaded a CSV (as a condition) but it seems to be scoped only to my workbook.

I've tried the solutions proposed in these forum answers (answer 1, answer 2), but I do not have "Scope" section under item properties the way it appears in those users' screen shots. 

Screen shots are attached of the Item Properties available in my Seeq UI.


How can I manually upload a CSV of a condition so that it's globally scoped?



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Hi Michael,

For CSV files, you have to change the scope on the CSV file itself rather than the items within the CSV file. It looks like for your scenario, you should have a CSV file named "Lab Cell Build Dates - Manual Upload Sheet - Cell 7 (2).csv" so if you search for that in the Data Tab and then click on the "i" for that file instead of the condition inside it, you should see the Scope option to change.


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