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Error once folder duplicated.

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I've made a few asset trees with a few formulas. Everything is good on the original, but once I duplicate the folder at the menu I receive this error on the copy while everything is normal on the original. Just trying to figure out the exact meaning of the error to resolve.  image.png.021f41e7b790253a49c0dddac89048d0.png

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Hi Paul,

This error report is generated whenever a duplication happens that results in some things not properly being duplicated. In your instance you might be fine and can just delete the error report page. 

In this case it looks like there is an item named "Column 2" that was deleted (archived) and thus was not properly copied? Either that or the item named column 2 is a string signal and a unitless value is trying to be replaced for any invalid periods using the replaceNotValid() function. To  fix this, replace your invalid sections in the formula with another string (you can convert something to a string using the .toString() function)

I would check: where the "column 2" item is used, if at all. Search in the data tab for Column 2. If it isnt used anywhere, then youre good to go! If it is used somewhere, update the formula for Column 2 with a string value that you are replacing not valid for, likely using the string funtion i mentioned above.

Hope that Helps!



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