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Ignore Short Gaps of Composite Conditions

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I am trying to create a Composite Condition with the Intersection of two other conditions, however I would like to ignore short capsules which are created during transient conditions. Is there a way to ignore short capsules for composite conditions as there is for simple Value Search Conditions?



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Hi EPH - We don't have the capability to remove short Capsules in a Composite Condition via the GUI, however, it can be done easily in formula like so:


where $a and $b are the respective conditions and the parameter in removeshorterthan() specifies the minimum capsule duration (above example, anything shorter than 1 hour will be ignored).

If you already have the Composite Condition set up, go to "Item Properties" (green i), click the down arrow next to "Duplicate", and select "Duplicate to Formula".  This will pre-populate $a.intersect($b) with your signals in Formula, and you can then append ".removeShorterThan(1h)" to create the new condition that ignores short capsules.


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