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Condition names wrapping text when displayed on trends

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When displaying the condition names via labels onto an analysis trend, the text for the name is now wrapping across multiple lines and over the top of other labels.  It never used to do this as the entire condition name used to appear in a single line.  Signal name labels are displayed correctly though.

I used to screen shot these analysis trends to highlight issues with our process or show the performance but now with this change it is hard for anyone to understand what each condition is representing on the analysis.

This change seemed to occur over a weekend back in mid march where it was fine in the morning but had changed by the afternoon.  It is still like this and occurs regardless of which web browser I am using.  The version of Seeq we use is R58.8.10-v202403072038.

Is this something that others have issues with and if so is there a setting somewhere that may fix this issue (I cannot find anything).


Below is an example of what I am seeing now and how it used to look:




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