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Upstream O&G Customer Use Case Question:

I have created a condition for when my well is shut-in based on a Value Search on the Down Hole Pressure (DHP).

I've created another condition for the first hour after the well is shut-in.

I would like to create another condition that runs from the end of my 1-hour after shut-in condition until the Down Hole Pressure returns to within 10% of it's Pre-shut-in value.

Once I have isolated this period of time I would like to calculate an hourly rolling average over only that time period and do the same for my 1 hour after shut-in condition. 

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To address your first question of creating the t>1 hr after shut-in capsule. One method to do this is below: 

1. Create a condition for ~5 min before shut-in and shift it by ~5 min to make sure you have the Steady state DHP prior to shut-in. This is done using Formula. The Formula syntax is


The "beforeStart(5 min)" creates a new 5 minute long capsule directly preceding your shut-in capsule. The move(-5 min) function shifts this new "beforeStart" capsule backwards in time by 5 minutes. 

2. Calculate a new signal that represents the average DHP over the condition created in Step 1. Use "Signal from Condition" with the following inputs: 

  • Signal or condition = DHP
  • Summary Statistic = Average
  • Bounding Condition = Condition from step 1
  • Where to place timestamp = Start
  • Interpolation Method = Step



3. Calculate a new signal that is the signal created in Step 2 (Average DHP before Shut-in) + 10%. Use Formula and the following syntax:


4. Calculate a new signal that is the delta between the DHP and this initial + 10% signal. Use Formula and the following syntax:


5. Create a condition for when this delta signal created in Step 4 drops below zero. Use Value Search and <0 as inputs. 


6. Create a Composite Condition that joins the end of your existing Capsules t<1 hr after shut-in to the start of your condition created in Step 5. The inputs to this composite condition will be:

  • Condition A = t<1 hour after shut in
  • Condition B = Delta signal drops below zero
  • Logic = join
  • Not inclusive of A
  • Not inclusive of B
  • Max capsule duration = long enough to capture the time back down to initial DHP.

For each of the two new signals you want to create, you can use formula and the following syntax, where $ChooseCondition will be your t<1 hr and t>1 hr conditions in each formula.



This will give you a new signal of the 1-hr rolling average of DHP only during the specified condition.


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