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How to recreate the same worksheet with new tags, without affecting the original

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I am having trouble when duplicating a worksheet within the same workbench. If I edit the formulas with a new signal for it to refer to to do the exact same analysis I previously did, but with a different tag, it automatically updates my original worksheet within the workbench to the new tag as well. What I am trying to do is run the same analysis to different tags in separate worksheets in the same workbench.

P.S. if I duplicate the entire Seeq Workbench and update the tag in the duplicate then the tags in my original Worksheet in the original Workbench stay intact. However, this just creates too many workbenches to keep track of, when what I'd like to do is have all worksheets within one workbench by being able to duplicate the worksheets and update the tags. Thanks for any help.

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Hello, if the tags are not present in an asset structure (e.g. AF framework), I would try to use the Tree File Connector to create my own asset structure in Seeq. This makes it easy to switch between the individual elements without having to create a new analysis or duplicate existing ones.


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Ilse

Thorsten is correct about the Tree File Connector which will help build an asset structure.  

Depending on how big your analysis is you can duplicate the formulas you have done in the new worksheet and then update the signals they are based on.

You can do this by clicking the i next to the signal or condition you want to copy:


Then you will click duplicate:


Then you will get a new signal or condition built off of the one you copied that you can rename and put the new signals you want to reference in.  


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