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How can i create a Table with multiple variable time periods?

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I have a report i need to generate that has multiple potentially overlapping time periods. How can i get these times into my table?
In my case, i want to calculate some statistics in my table over multiple variable time periods such as "April 2019", "Quarter 1", and "Year to Date", etc.  1

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  • Sean T changed the title to How can i create a Table with multiple variable time periods?
  • Seeq Team
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To do this, there are a variety of tools i can use in Seeq. First off, you can use the manual condition tool to make a condition out of any time periods of interest. Here is more information on the manual condition tool: https://support.seeq.com/kb/latest/cloud/manual-condition#:~:text=The Manual Condition tool allows,by picking a time range.

In this example, i also want to add custom context to each of these time periods (April 2019, quarter 1, Year to Date...) 

I will use the Formula tool to create a condition containing each of these periods with the associated custom context (capsule properties)

 Note that I assigned a property to each capsule; this text will be used as the column header in the Table:


2. Create a with the stats i am interested in, or use Scorecard metric if i cant add these statistics using the Columns button:


3. Finally, use the capsule property as the column headers:



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