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Lookup Table Equivelant


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I have generated a pump / system curve which I want to use to estimate theoretical pump efficiency. I an using the actual pressure differential across a pump, and I want to use the pump curve to determine efficiency using that pressure differential.

I have previously a lookup table in excel to generate this model and want to try to replicate in SEEQ. I attemper to use the 'prediction tool', however I couldn't get close enough match for the predicted curve (see below).


Any advice on how I could achieve this? I am effectively trying to simulate a lookup table in excel.


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Hello Ruben,

To best answer this question, we would need to look at your current look up table.  If you are uncomfortable sharing it on a public site, I recommend opening a support ticket here.  You can just copy and paste the text into the ticket.

Normally we recommend using an equation to replace the look up table.  However, there are some cases where other approaches are needed. 



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