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Alternative to SCALAR.INVALID


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Hi Seeq, 

One of my calculations in Seeq requires me to use SCALAR.INVALID.toSignal() and a long chain of splice() formula. For example: 















However, the calculation is not able to complete loading. Is there an alternative to replace SCALAR.INVALID? Any suggestions on how to improve this calculation? 

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  • Seeq Team


A little bit more context on what you are trying to accomplish would help me offer a better suggestion. From what i can gather, you are trying to splice a bunch of different values together, one value for each condition $a through $m. When none of these values are present you want the signal to be without data (i.e. invalid) is that correct? do the conditions $a through $m ever overlap? Does the calculation go on endlessly giving you the spinning wheel? or does it error out in some way? If you only try splicing together say the first 4 conditions ($a through $d) will the calculation finish loading? 

if a 0 value is OK when no other data is present, try replacing scalar.invalid with 0 and see if it works. 

Using your formula and non-overlapping conditions i was able to get this long splice chain to work by commenting out, then retyping the offending lines of code (in my case, $d and $f both error-ed out for no clear reason. In retyping them they were accepted and the formula completed.)

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