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Multiple Columns insert with (CSV Import Function)

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Hi All,

I've uploaded one sample file wherein i have 11 columns with Timestamp.Now in order to import all the 10 columns.

I have to reiterate the entire activity 10 times to upload all the column into SEEQ. Do any one know how do we import all the columns in one go in Import CSV Function.

Note :- Few Columns have difference in unit of measurement.will there be any issue if we ignore this.


Jitesh Vachheta

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Unfortunately, at this time Seeq doesn’t support multiple column imports at a time through the csv import tool.  It is something we plan to have in future versions of the product, but I don’t know when it will be available.

It is possible to import multiple columns at one time with the directory watch tool.  However, its setup takes some time and only makes sense if there are a bunch of csv files with the exact same format. 



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  • Seeq Team

There's one small shortcut hidden at the bottom of the tool. 


If you check that before you finish the first column import, it will return you to the tool with many of the same values preserved. At least you don't need to re-upload the file 9 more times; you just pick the other data column, customize the unit and repeat.


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