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Data regression and equation coefficient

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I have two sets of data in Seeq, namely the flow through an unit with several pieces of equipment and the total pressure drop.
The trend is clear visible in a X-Y scatter plot (although a certain dispersion is present) and now I would like to make a regression (2nd order polynomial) and get the equation coefficients (y=a+b*X+c*X^2). I used to the same with the trendline function of Excel.
I tried to use the Prediction tool, but the coefficients returned by Seeq seem not to fit the data. Moreover, i don't see the regressed function plotted on the X-Y scatter plot.

Anyone can tell me if it possible and, if so, how can I get it?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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  • Seeq Team


You can view the prediction model coefficients in the prediction menu by clicking on the "Prediction Model" button:


You mentioned that the model does not seem to fit the data? Can you elaborate on this? If you don't feel comfortable posting anything here, feel free to email support@seeq.com and we would be happy to look at your model!

As for the trend line, at the moment this is not currently possible, however this is a feature that is in our current beta release R21.044! Please check with your local Seeq admin or contact us at support@seeq.com and we can look at the upgrade process.


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