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Rollup Calculations using Tree File Connector

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Thorsten,

A bit more information might help me directly answer your question. Are the calculations being performed on the historian server? If so, then yes we would reference like any other signal. If the calculation is performed within seeq, then the answer is also yes, we should be able to assign that to a tree within the tree file connector depending on how it was created and the specifics of the calculations. Here is an example of the data/datasource ID and datasource name for a Seeq calculation:


 In general you would assign a seeq internal calculation using this information in place of the equivalent historian information. If you have a bit more information on what exactly you are trying to accomplish i will try and give you a more specific answer. 

Hope this helps

-Sean Tropsa

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Hi Sean,

I want the calculation to be made by Seeq if possible. I have an Asset Tree like the one below (generated from the Example Data of Seeq) :


Under each Area (A-D) is a Power Signal:


What I would like to have is an automatic calculation for all Power-Attributes placed here (e.g. Sum of Signals):


What I tried so far was creating a global scoped Formula-Signal doing the calculation and referencing that in the Tree File Connector - Configuration. This is a workaround for small areas. But for my use case at the customer we are talking about 200 Signals under a certain area, which is hard to deal with in manual formula creation ?






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