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Creating Capsules based on when a signal changes by a given amount

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I need a way to count the number of large and small signal changes of a varying signal. I have created a derivative signal that tells me when the signal is changing and then I created capsules when the derivative is larger than a value (0.1 in my case). Now I need to be able to take the value of the signal at the start of the signal change and subtract it from the values at the end of the capsule. Then I want to create a new capsule for anywhere the difference is greater that a certain value. What is the best way to accomplish this?

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Greg

Since you already have a condition identifying when your signal changes, to identify the magnitude of the change all you need to do is use Signal From Condition. Here is an example of how it might look:


In this case i am using "Range" because it will always give me a positive value of the change in my power signal. If i wanted to know if it was positive or negative I would use "Delta" instead. Here i am using the Duration as my timestamp so i can more easily accomplish the next step- filtering the original change condition.

Since you want to count the number of instances the value changes by more than some amount, we can then filter our original condition (the one that identified the change) so it only retains the capsules where the change was over your threshold. To do this i will use Formula:


In this case, i am filtering my Load Swing to keep capsules where the swing is greater than 25kW. You can see the filtered condition is shown in blue where my original Condition is shown in green. 

From here, you can use the Scorecard Metric to count  the number of the filtered capsules.


Hope this helps!

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