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Create Scorecards with Only Color Thresholds and no Value

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I have a scorecard metric displaying the maximum value of a signal during a given capsule. I have the Scorecard coloring red if the value is >2%. Is there any way to display a scorecard with just color coded cells containing no values?

What I am seeing now:

What I would like to create:image.png

In general, the approach to creating a blank scorecard with color thresholds is to create a string signal comprised of varying amounts of spaces for each threshold/band. Then you can apply that number of spaces as a color threshold in the Scorecard metric tool. 

1) Create your "empty" string signal in Formula. In the example below, we have a baseline signal that is a completely empty string and we are splicing in a string containing two spaces any time the value of the original signal is greater than 2%.


You can see that the empty string signal has what looks like a constant value each time the original signal is > 2%, but when you hover the cursor over the signal you see that it is actually blank.

2) Use Formula to create a scalar threshold value to select as your threshold in Scorecard. Note, in versions R22.0.47 and greater, string values are accepted as thresholds in the scorecard metric tool, so this step can be skipped. 


3) Calculate your scorecard metric. 

For versions before R22.0.47, the tool input for the thresholds will look like this:

For versions R22.0.47 and newer, you can use:

4) The final scorecard (validated against the original one containing values):

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When I have created valueless metrics in the past, I have taken advantage of the number format setting in the item properties tab.  You can do this with the following steps.

1.       Remove the units from the signal you want to use as the basis for your metric.  See screenshot below for details.

2.       Fill out the metric as you normally would with the desired thresholds.  See example below.

3.       After creating the metric go into the item properties of that metric by clicking on the “I” icon in the details pane.  Once in the items properties tab for the metric click override number format and set the number format to “ “.  (note there is a space between the quotes)  See screenshot below for details.


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