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Condition Property to Signal that Spans Capsule Durations

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I have a condition (imported from CSV) containing many numeric properties that I'd like to use in a formula. So far, I've been able to pull the property data into a signal using toSignal() and toNumeric() functions:

$condition.toSignal('<Property Name>').toNumeric()

but the result is discrete data points at the beginning of each capsule. How can I modify my formula so that the resulting signal is flat lines spanning the duration of each capsule? What I'm looking for is just like the result of selecting "Duration" for "Select where to place the timestamp of the summary statistic" in a Signal from Condition except the "statistic" a specified property of each capsule.



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It would be possible to shorten the formula by using the following syntax.


Note: Depending on the format of the property using toNumber() may not be necessary so it could be removed as well.


Hope this helps,

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