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Pushing object datatype to SEEQ


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Is there are special way to treat the objects types in my dataframe before using spy.push. I face issues while pushing when my dataframe contains object datatype values. I got the following error.

HTTP response body: {"statusMessage":"Cannot change the value unit of measure from \u0027\u0027 to \u0027string\u0027."}




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  • Seeq Team

Hi Sivaji,

Thanks for coming to Office Hours. I'll post the resolution here in case others have the same error occur. 

When pushing data to Seeq from a Python environment like Seeq Data Lab, I'd recommend including a Value Unit Of Measure column in your DataFrame. By default, if this column is excluded Seeq treats the pushed data as having a null Value Unit Of Measure. Since Seeq can't modify the type of a Value Unit Of Measure ("string", null, "a unit"), the error above occurs since you were trying to modify the Value Unit Of Measure to be a string from its original null value. 

To resolve the issue, you will need assistance from your Seeq Admin to hard delete (not just archive) the item. If this item is scoped to a workbook, it may be easier to just push to a new workbook. Feel free to reach out to support@seeq.com if help is needed.

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